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Therapies for Your Animal Companions

The Healing Tree believes in therapies being available to all and, like us, our animal companions can experience many of the same symptoms we do, for example, stress and anxiety, musculo-skeletal issues such as tension and tightness or atrophy, all of which can create additional problems elsewhere in the body.

Being able to utilise both hands-on techniques with Merishia Massage, as well as Healing (Reiki), I am able to work with your animal companion in a way which will be of most benefit to them. This can be on a physical, emotional and mental level and each session is tailored to what is currently going on for your companion.

Animal therapies are not a substitute for veterinary care and you must seek veterinary advice where necessary. Veterinary consent is required prior to undertaking Merishia Massage.

Equine / Animal Therapies. canine reiki

Equine & Animal Healing - What Is It?

Animal/equine healing may be beneficial for them on an emotional, mental and physical level. It may also be used preventatively in order to restore and maintain balance of your animal's energy field.

There is no placebo effect with animals - when healing is offered to an animal, they will accept it if needed and will use the healing in whichever way is of most benefit to them.

As with humans, your animal companion will only absorb as much Reiki as is needed and they will use this energy in whatever form is appropriate for them at the time.

For more details on what Reiki is, please view the 'Reiki' section of the website.

Lisa F: "Cannot speak highly enough of Lorraine, she came to my home to help my rescued greyhounds using reiki healing. My Skippy was anxious and scared of most things. He used to whine and pace around. Lorraine picked up instantly without me telling her what was wrong. It was very emotional to watch his response to healing, he was very wary and then settled near Lorraine. Lorraine was very calm and very informative, she also conducted distant healing. Now 4 months on and Skippy is a different dog, he is confident, no more whining and he now knows he is safe and loved.

I can't thank Lorraine enough for helping Skippy. If you have an anxious reactive dog then Lorraine can help. She has worked miracles with my three and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her if you need help with stress and anxiety with your animals xx Thank you Lorraine xx"

Equine / Animal Therapies. equine reiki

Equine & Animal Healing - What Are the Benefits?

Animals experience a range of pain and emotions just like us. They are far more in tune with 'energy' than most humans, so are more sensitive to their environments and picking up on the emotions of those around them.

I have worked with many horses, dogs and cats over the years and some of the sessions I have undertaken have been extremely moving in what I have been able to tune into, together with the subsequent change a guardian notices in their animal companion.

The benefits of equine/animal healing is the same as for us - Reiki can bring about a shift and re-balancing of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

One client, after I had undertaken two sessions with her horse, said the following:

"I found the experience for both me and my horse confidence building for our partnership. It showed how my life, and events which had affected me, also affected him – and brought me my old horse back"

Equine / Animal Therapies. equine massage

Merishia Massage (Canine & Equine) - What Is It?

Merishia Massage is a soft tissue massage therapy which includes gentle and effective mobilisations techniques, facilitating the release of both superficial and deep tension and enhancing movement of the joints.

We all know that feeling after we’ve done a lot of exercise, or the feeling of aches and pains as our body finds it harder to get going - yet do we ever stop to think whether our canine or equine companions are experiencing the same symptoms? Dogs and horses are agile creatures and we often put them through their paces at events such as agility, showjumping, hacking, to name but a few, however do we ensure our companions are free from stress and tension both pre and post these events?

Equine / Animal Therapies. canine massage

Merishia Massage (Canine & Equine) -What Are The Benefits?

The techniques used within Merishia Massage can assist your companion to perform at their best, or to move more freely and with less pain should you notice mobility has decreased. Additional benefits may include:

• Aids performance, health and fitness
• Eases stiff and tight joints, assisting flexibility and range of movement
• Stimulates circulation
• Brings a sense of balance to the body where over-compensation may be occurring
• Assists with recovery and rehabilitation
• Relaxes and calms nervous a nervous animal
• Ideal for general wellbeing

What to Expect During an Equine/Animal Session?

Equine/Animal sessions will often take place in your home/stable yard etc - an environment familiar to your animal companion. You can be present throughout and this is often the best practice, as you can see how your companion is responding to the treatment.

With animal/equine healing, I work at a distance comfortable to your animal companion and, as with human Reiki, will place my hands in a series of non-intrusive positions close to the body, or at a distance. Animals will position themselves where they feel comfortable and I am guided by them as to what I feel they need.

As Merishia Massage is a hands-on soft tissue and mobilisation therapy, I will be assessing your companion, together with working in a number of ways to release any tension being held within the muscles and joints. During these sessions, your companion may display visible signs of tension being released, such as neck and leg stretches and this is a great sign as your companion lets go of the tension being held in their body.

All animal therapies are applied at a pressure/position which is comfortable for them and this is constantly assessed throughout any treatment.

Equine / Animal Therapies. dog and horse

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