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Peter N: "I found this lovely lady, using a google search for a bamboo massage, I have only found this on cruise ships so far. Being a trained masseur I am very fussy when it comes to a massage treatment, but have to give Lorraine 10/10 for her welcome, friendliness and professionalism! The treatment began with a nice chat going through medical history and wellbeing etc. which then led to the treatment, which was given in a nice room with good background relaxation music.

The Bamboo treatment (one of my favourites) was well done and resulted in my whole body feeling loose and relaxed for several days after which was a surprise, even to me, as I was still doing some work in my garden which should have had my muscles aching!

All in all a great treatment and I would recommend this lady to anyone! I now look forward to when I can afford to fit in another treatment."

Warm Bamboo Massage. warm bamboo massage

Warm Bamboo Massage - What Is It?

Warm Bamboo Massage uses smooth, heated bamboo canes to knead tight muscles and ease tension, with the warmth of the bamboo canes encouraging the muscles to relax.

The massage can be tailored to a deeper tissue massage for release of muscle tension or a more gentle option for pure relaxation.

Warm Bamboo Massage incorporates different lengths and diameters of bamboo sticks which are integrated into a flowing massage routine.

Who Can It Help?

Warm Bamboo Massage is able to assist with the many ailments and conditions of other forms of massage (see Therapeutic Body Massage), for example aiding circulation and reducing stress. The warmth from the bamboo canes can aid relaxation and ease aches and pains. It can also promote more restful sleep, as well as aiding lymphatic drainage by eliminating toxins.

What to Expect During a Warm Bamboo Massage Session?

Treatments take place on a massage couch, using a choice of nourishing oils or wax-based product (discussed at the time of your massage). The oil/wax enables me to provide a free-flowing massage and work into areas of tension. Towels are carefully placed to ensure your modesty and keep you warm and comfortable throughout the treatment.

Warm Bamboo Massage can be tailored to your needs for a truly therapeutic 60 or 90 minute session.

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